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Jimmy Choo and Ugg

Hey, these are some pretty shagadelic moon boots!! I think I can pair these with my hot pink astronaut suit next time I fly off to Mars, so I can be the most stylish astro-lady in the universe. Oh wait. Hold up. You're telling me these AREN'T moon boots? People are expected to wear these in PUBLIC? My word. You don't say. And they are made by...Jimmy Choo? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO. The fringe...the zebra...the hot glue-gun studs...these are actually horrifying to look at, and they need to go away now. (Alright, lets get the cliche Ugg jokes over with...UGGH!! They are so UGGly!!) Don't get me wrong. I loooooove Choo and all of that couture shoe goodness. But these "boots" look like they were made for the dancers of Boy George's comeback tour. They look like melted marshmallows. And evil pillows. And metal shish kabobs. I'm going to publicly chastise anyone I see on the street wearing these. So readers, what do you think of these moon boots? Fill out the poll below.

Which of the UGGLY (hardy har har) boots above do you hate the most?

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