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Devon [Dev-IN] is a 17 year old style blogger. Much to popular belief, she is an American living within close proximity to New York City. Her blog, originally titled Adventures of a Catholic School Girl, was created in February 2009 as a creative outlet and procrastination center. It eventually became known as Plaid and Cigarettes in the autumn of that year while going through the typical teenage angst phase (she neither smokes or wears plaid, ironically).

She's a lover of sarcasm, being dignified, thought provoking conversations, and journalistic endeavors. She cites both David Tennant and Alex Kapranos as her boyfriends, and on some days Carl BarĂ¢t also. She doesn't understand abbreviations teenagers use. Her favorite designer is Henry Holland and she recently built a shrine dedicated to him in her closet. The laws of physics do not apply to her. She manages time efficiently. The Monty Python lads are her greatest inspiration. She enjoys the company of her cat, Purrrfessor. Her favorite color is black.

And she loves you for reading.