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House of Holland Runway - LS/F 2010

If you all know me well by now, I am obsessed with all things Henry Holland (so if you didn't, you're new to the blog. Helloooo new readers!). The graphic shirts, the uber expensive denim, the marriage-worthy tights, everything. So it's no wonder that I am absolutely obsessed with the latest collection. It's the holy grail of fashion to put it into simple words. I WANT IT ALLLLLLL. *cries living on a student budget* Three comments: 1. I'm on the lookout for those signature letter tshirts. They are to die for. The bees knees. Shagadelic. Which one is better: CTFO or FFS? Oh hell, they both are perfect. I'll buy both. 2. THE TIGHTS. *faints* I have never seen such beautiful tights since his tights collection in spring 2010 (hardy har har). I love the fact that he added much more color - turquoise and purple are brilliant additions (and look amazing with a short skirt and chunky sweater...side pony optional). 3. I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH INANIMATE MATERIALS. Ok so let's see the collection...but first...let's wave hello to Mr. Holland...




wow, such fun and playful designs! super gorgeous :) the colours are really cute, too ♥

Joy Chou said...

HAHA. I love that t-shirt he is wearing!


¶ Michelle said...

oh love the designs :)

anna - lifeetc-blog said...

I adore Henry Holland too! I want everything he makes

Im following you :)

Check out my post about the mtv vma fashion

rouli said...

lovely outfits here!

so cool pieces!

keep in touch dear!

great blog


Jessica Mura said...

Lovely colours and t-shirt!! nice blog , I like it! I hope to see you in my blog and if you like it we can follow each other :)

Livinha said...

i love this post :) great pics! kiss

3ate4 said...

Liking the models fresh looking makeup!