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Coach Poppy - The Sequins

I'll tell you this right now: I have really really really hated Coach for years now. I find their designs boring, old, and out-dated. I cringe whenever I see a eleven year old carrying one of their signature wristlets (although, to concede, I still own a beautiful extra-large satin wristlet given to me by a good friend years ago). So when I got a press email from them a few days ago about the Poppy collection, I naturally LOLed. But when I opened the attachments and saw what they were hiding, I almost choked on my water from unexpected surprise. What I saw were beautiful and youthful designs, with a special focus on overlapping and colorful sequins. To put it simply, they are amazing. My favorites include the mini backpack and the disco crossbody bag, which has recently been seen on Kate Middleton (!). They will certainly be on my shopping list as I continue my search for fall handbags (side note-if I see another LV Speedy 30 or Neverfull PM bag, I'm actually going to go mental. Can anyone suggest a mental institution just in case?). I highly encourage you to check out their Poppy website: here.


Jeniffer said...

i love the sparkling design they have.. and the backpack is awesome..

Miri said...

Oh wow, they really have switched things up a bit! I love the pink sequinned bag the most :)


love those glittering bags, the gold is my fave