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The cool people at Ann-Sofie Back sent me some press emails this weekend that included a photo of this AMAZING body manipulation ring. I remember seeing something similar at Topshop a few months back, but definitely not as large and believable. If you look below, Back also has a collar version (CRAZY!) and some wearable earrings and headbands.

Although I doubt I can pull any of these items off, I still find them extremely creative and fun, and definitely praise Back for being a non-conformist when it comes to making jewelry. Check out her website here.


Anonymous said...

absolutely incredible! I just love stand out jewelry :) xx


Anonymous said...

it hurts me when I look at it:)
interesting addition, eye-catching

JULIA said...

That is AWESOME. I just wish the size of the ring was a little smaller so it'd be more practical for me to use when I'm writing, haha.

Thanks for blogging about this! Definitely bookmarking for the future.

♥ Julia
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