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Look of the Week: Emma Watson

Everything about her look is absolutely wonderful. It almost makes me want to take out my kitchen scissors and chop off my hair. Such, such class. No clothing avada kedavra will be used here MUHAHAHA.


Winnie said...

Agreed, Emma Watson has sooo many things going for her. She's 4 years younger than me and er...I may be a bit jealous!

Emilie said...

oh yes I love this outfit on her, but on the same time the dress makes me so much think of Blake Lively.... Just: I don't like Emma's hair at all, why had she to cut it? :s

great blog!



Cristiana.C said...

Great blog, I like it so much!
If you Are obsessed with glamour we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!

Whora said...

Love this dress on her.

x W