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Battle of the Temporary Tattoos

I never thought a trend that I wore to footie games in second grade would make it big, but I guess I'm wrong. Both Chanel and Betsey Johnson (as well as Louis Vuitton, but body art) have come out with temporary tattoos within the year, with designs ranging from the company's signature logos to chic chains and florals.

Chanel's designs are by far more elegant. Remember: Chanel makes accessories, and accessories. From a company that also makes signature soccer balls, golf bags, and fishing polls (the bike is to die for), I wasn't completely surprised when they released these bad boys early this year. I happen to fancy them quite a lot surprisingly, but with prices starting at $70, it's ridiculous for me to consider buying them. Unless someone wants to buy them for me... *wink wink* *nudge nudge* I feel a Christmas present in the making!

Betsey does a great job in incorporating her eccentric style into these tattoos. I'm actually surprised she hasn't done it sooner! There is strong usage of rhinestones, bling, thorns, skulls, vines, etc. However, it reminds me too much of the dreaded Ed Hardy (epitome of...what's the word...trash) brand, but redeems itself with the low price of $25 for five sheets.

So blog friends, which one do you fancy more? Or do you think Betsey and Chanel are completely mental for creating such items?

Admit your feelings:
Chanel! Absolutely whimsical! Oh wait how much do they cost...
Betsey. She's too cute, and her tattoos are too.
They're both kind of cute, really.
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