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Lanvin for H&M: Preview

Here come the ladies in black. H&M, you sly dog you. The first photo for the new Lanvin collaboration has finally been released, much to the delight of the oodles of fashion forward women and men throughout the world. H&M previously blurred out the clothes in previous photo teasers to keep everyone on their toes, and I can honestly say it was worth the wait. Hannelore Knuts, Jane Schmitt, Tati Collitar (who, regrettably, I thought was Posh for a second), and Natasha Poly look beautiful in the Gothic and BLACK inspired looks (Gareth Pugh is clapping feverishly somewhere in the world). One shouldered puff dresses, tuxedo tops, and velvet suits will be dominate throughout the collection. I'm personally glad they incorporated Schmitt into the collection; after all, Lanvin is a label for high class ladies and older women, not for teenage girls with some pocket money to spend.

I'm sure that H&M will be a frenzy-zoo-Cinco-de-Mayo-fiesta on the release date (November 23rd), so I'll personally be satisfied if I can snatch any item.

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girlyfemme said...

I am so darn excited for that. great blog!