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Designers, fashion editors, and critics around the world are trying to contextualize -even justify- how fashion bighouse Dior designer, John Galliano, could possibly go on a disgusting racist tirade in a Paris cafe. "I'm genuinely shocked," "I'm 0.2% surprised," "Dumbass of the Year - 2011, and it's only March" and "Who's that?" were some of the comments my friends said when I brought the topic up within the past few days. Honestly, I don't think I can say anything that hasn't been said - his comments were absolutely vile and I felt the urge to shower after watching the video. He let us, his loving admirers, down. Will I end up forgiving him someday? Probably. Everyone deserves a second chance. But this will take longer then an average predicament.

So, what do all of you think of this situation? Was his firing justified? Etc? Would love to hear your thoughts, fellow bloggers.


Isquisofrenia said...

yes he totally deserves it.
thats pure racism.especially when he was drunk so the truth comes out easier.

Anonymous said...

I think we have to take into account that anyone with such a big personality and ego is bound to say plenty of controversial and idiotic things. Can we really judge creative types by things other than what they create? I'm not so sure.
Also, I mean look at him, in that picture. How can you stay mad at a guy that looks like Prince after going to a cross dressing pirate ball? I can't take him seriously enough as a fellow person. But maybe that's just me?


Raji said...

I think his behavior is disgraceful and inexcusable
It's such a shame as I really think he is a a genius and has such a beautiful creative mind, it's a shame to learn that it's so tainted
I do think though that he was not in such a good place at the time, but that by no means even begins to justify his actions

VICKYFF said...

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Jana Matchavariani said...

I find it disgusting, that we all getting 'grapped' by the media.
You can ask yourself;
How is it possible that the "victims" are filming on the perfect moment, when all the words are flowing.
They were waiting for that to happen.
Nobody's interested what Galliano has to say. Maybe the 'victims' are the one who start judging him with who he is, saying words.. they were waiting for this to happen.
That's disgusting, you know the man has a name to fight for. Everybody say nasty things when drunk, especially when someone's trying to get us angry.
He's good friends with Nathalie Portman..chose her for the Dior compaign, she's jewish.. He has jewish familiy.. You think he really would meant those things?
Come on, the whole fashion scene is one big rasicm. It's ok for model agencys to say things like "hmm..no she's too tropical, nah I see the Polish nose"
And this fashion legend, get fired from his own label?! For some drunk mans words? I was in shock, OK it's extremely inappropriate, it did scare me but you better could have hung him. Firing from his own label? No not his label, his life.. they have taken away his life. What.. are we waiting for more situations like Mcqueen?