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Return From the Dead...With Style

OH HEY. REMEMBER ME? YOU DON'T? *awkward pause* Well mates, terribly sorry about the long hiatus. College applications caught up with me, and I had to write a copious amount of essays and other fun (read: tiring/somewhat annoying/really really tiring) college stuff. But I'm done now! So high five to me! Hopefully I'll make up for some lost time and post more frequently now...as I have to wait until April 1st for college decisions (read: I'm hyperventilating until April 1st). So, to get back into blogging mode, here are some recent collections made for Topshop by Ashish and Meadham Kirchhoff. Really love them both, and I'm very jealous of a friend who got some of them on sale at the New York Topshop.

Ashish (inspiration: Parisian lifestyle)

Meadham Kirchhoff (inspiration: gothic lolita)