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House of Holland Loves the Cities

New York City, London, Paris, Hollywood. No, it's not a list of places I've traveled this week (hardy har har). Rather, it's the four cities that Henry Holland has decided to showcase for his new and FABULOUS capsule collection. If you've been a reader of this blog for awhile (which I humbly thank you for reading despite my copious amount of Doctor Who Who-mor) you know that House of Holland is my favorite designer ever, and that I've built a shrine dedicated to Henners in my closet. So naturally, when I first saw this collection of jumpers and hosiery, I fainted. On my cat Purrfessor. While humming the orchestral Doctor Who theme song (SEE I DID IT AGAIN HOW DO YOU TOLERATE ME). These pieces really show off the international standpoint of House of Holland quite well. If the jumpers weren't £250 each, I would easily buy them all. I sense a Christmas present in the near future? But the tights are a great £15 each! Overall, very very very impressed. What's not to like?