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Wildfox Couture Fall Lookbook

I've never shied away from declaring my love for Wildfox Couture...throughout my tenure as a blogger it's safe to say I've done more than a dozen posts about why it's the perfect brand for top models and pink aficionados alike. This season the girls have stayed true to their roots and created another AMAZING collection that successfully incorporates Christine O'Donnell witch malarkey into baggy sweaters. Some pieces are currently being sold for a short time at Urban Outfitters (much to my dismay). Need I say more?

Obsession: n.
Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. (syn: Wildfox Couture)

A little sexy secretary + a little maitre d' + a splash of Lohan style = WILDFOX.Align Center


Lightning Heart said...

aww i love that love potion shirt, cute!

Casandra said...

I love the shirt with chanel no5 akalove potion! great !!

Whora said...

huuuge crush on the tee's in the first pic. lol

¶ Michelle said...

I loved watching the video of this collection, blew me away!

Fashion Monstre said...

you seriously can NEVER get sick of wildfox's ads!!