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iPad couture

This past summer, designers have taken a great liking to creating a quality case for the ever luxurious iPad. Everyone from the likes of Mulberry to Louis Vuitton have already come out with a case or cover. After some research, here are the ones I particularly liked (even though I don't own an iPad, nor have plans too):
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Dooney and Bourke

Oscar de la Renta

Louis Vuttion


girlyfemme said...

Ooh, i love the Oscar one. Cute blog!


anna. said...

Ove the marc Jacobs one... But then again I love anything marc Jacobs hahaa


augustalolita said...

these are wonderful cases!! love the LV of course but the mbymj is so cute too <3

Winnie said...

Really pretty, there are such pretty cases for everything these days!

Hilaloeya said...

Hey wanted you to know changed my blog name!
Come visit?



Lini said...

Woe I love the ones from dooney and bourke... the only thing I need now is an I pad to put it inside the case!!! XD

Haru said...

Love them all, but especially I love the one from Marc by Marc Jacobs! You might be able to use it as a clutch bag! :D
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Haru x

The Owl's Closet said...

Love the iPad couture:) So chic!


Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

love those items! (;

Fashion wild said...

ton blog est vrmt génial!

hiven said...

love these