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The Evolution of Kate Moss for Topshop

When news broke a few days ago that Kate Moss will be ending her three year partnership with Topshop this fall, I of course was a little upset. However, I soon realized that three years of collaborating with a certain brand is an EXTREMELY long time (think: Target and H&M only allow one collection per designer), and that we should be fortunate enough to have had her for that long. With her last collection coming out on October, I'm pretty confident it will sell out quickly. However, Topshop is set to relaunch the most popular pieces from her previous collections throughout 2011, as well as smaller and basic items (slubby tshirts, denim shorts, etc), so they won't be completely Moss-less until early 2012. To reminisce about her years with the high street brand, I've chosen my three favorite collections to briefly write about:

Christmas 2008.

I don't think there has ever been one designer collaboration as influential as this one. Who could ever forget that infamous Tiger dress? (I've taken the liberty of looking online to see how much it goes for now, and the cheapest I've seen is $420...with holes in it.) The uses of black, lace, satin, and sequins made me want to sell my cat just to get my greedy hands on any one of those items.

Spring 2009.

I thought the double collaboration with Liberty of London was just brilliant. I still swoon over the poppy prints and suede Russian-inspired jackets. Kate said her main inspiration for this collection was the eighties, and I can definitely see why: the items are fun, fresh, funky and *thinks of f adjective* fabulous.

High Summer 2009.

Kate's exotic themed high summer collection reflected her journeys throughout the Middle East. It features numerous animal prints and generally follows blue zebra, coral, and swirl designs. It's rich with chiffon and silk, and all of the products exudes complete sexiness. Arguably my favorite KM item comes from this collection; the silk swirl blouse that's shown in the picture above.

Are you upset/curious/happy to see her collection bow out this fall? Do you have a favorite item from her numerous collections? Leave a comment in the box with your opinions.


anna. said...

Nooooo! I didn't know she was leaving :(


Hilaloeya said...

they are all amazing! too bad she is leaving =(


Hayley said...

I had forgotten how amazing some of the pieces she designed were, although she will be designing some smaller collections for them I believe.

Thank you for the comment on my blog :)



Collette Osuna said...

Great pics....Love Kate!! Thanks for stopping by my blog....follow me and Ill follow you back:)

Have a great day!

Jessie C said...

I love that ruffled dress!!
Too bad she's leaving.

November Grey said...

Hi Devon! Thanks for stopping by... I'm eating your blog up as well, and am now a follower. Feel free to follow back.

I heart Kate Moss.



devilishlypleasurable said...

i think they got more stunning with every collection, although they were definitely expensive. nevertheless, it is sad seeing her leave.

Rose said...

Although im not a fan of Kate Moss, these clothes are lovely.


Dina's Days said...

The high summer spread is breathtaking. She looks amazing. I never bought anything from the collection bc it was a little overpriced for me, but a lot of the pieces are very cool.

Gina said...

my favorite is the rufflely polka dot one,but everthing from the line is pretty fabulous:)

<3 gina

November Grey said...

PS - It's a sad departure. And nothing can be xmas 08.

Kirstie. said...

Her collections are all beautiful but Im really interested with her hair. Her short bob with the messy waves is unbelievable. I have got to figure out how to style my hair..right now.

Carissa said...

whatever, I still love her <3

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

x-( Why Kate left?


LM said...

wow! we love Kate Moss and... we love your blog too! :)
we follow you; a big hug from thefashionscream.blogspot.com

pancakeSTACKER said...

Thanks for stopping by! I had no idea Kate was leaving! Topshop will never be the same!

Hope you'll stop by again and enter my contest! I'd love to hear your suggestions!!

Spence. said...

awww I didn't realise she was leaving! :(
but I still love these photos - especially the dresses, the cat one is purrrfect ;)

My Republic of Fashion said...

Her collection has come a long way! I don't know why she bowing out with collaboration?! Cause they are actually great collections!! :)SarahD

daniRED said...

thanks for stopping by!

honestly i never hopped on the kate moss/topshop bandwagon. not sure why...esp after viewing these amazing images!!


Debora said...

Hello :)
Thank you for your lovely comment in my TokyoBlondes, I appreciated it. I'm happy you love my blog.

Your blog's really nice, good job !


Rosie said...

I loved her range, how annoying she's leaving!


Is This Real Life? said...

Ah great post!

carling said...

the tiger dress is so chic!

Check out my blog & new photoshoots from the underground:


LaToya said...

Bummer she is leaving. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


hiven said...

sorry, hate her. cute blog though

Kyra said...

Kate Moss... siempre perfecta!! She is so beautiful, perfect... arggg thanks for to visit my blog ;)

princess V said...

These pics are fab,love your blog!I am now a follower:)


xiao said...

So sad...but i'm sure she will come out with something new and better:)


Casandra said...

awww I love Kate!!! nice blog!