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what's in mahh bag.

bag: longchamp 'le pliage large' tote bag in brown
- march 2009 rolling stone
- hot pink kate spade wallet
- hot pink topshop cheetah scarf
- old school juicy couture graffiti coin purse
- random 'double a' batteries
- armani sunglasses case, sans sunglasses
- oscar de la renta sunglasses case, with sunglasses
- hand sanitizer (always!)
hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. as always,


geisharock said...

I have a longchamp too in moss green.... and ("Oh snap")I also carry hand sanitizer around with me! Love the two hot pink things standing out from the crowd haha.

Thanks for the sweet comment! xoxo

Fashion Prescription said...

cute bag!

J Legs said...

i like ur bag :D

Lily said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. Great blog! I wish my bag was so tidy. The contents of my bag are:

Half a ratty old tissue
Chocolate bar wrapper
3x five cent coints
Parking tickets

Not very glamorous!


yiqin; said...

I saw a longchamp bag the other day & I was so tempted to get it!

jessica said...

oh hey, isn't that the rolling stone cover with lil wayne ? haha .
love the longchamp bag .

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Thanks for you wonderul comment on my blog. I love the bag! You have a great blog!

xoxo, Shelly

Victoria C said...

love your tote bag. i always love seeing the inside of other bloggers purses xx

black vanilla rose said...

Great blog! I might have to do this too once I tidy my bag out a bit xx

filthy lust said...

ooh very nice