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lazy sunday.

Today is a very lazy day for me, especially with the fact I ate about fifty seven pounds of food for Easter lunch. (Definitely gained ten pounds.) By the way, peeps are amazing. I recently found this old magazine clipping, and I thought it basically sums up the leggings look. For all of you bunnies - Happy Easter!
PS - I finally got bloglovin. You can follow me with it now!


Jenny H. said...

these women all wear leggings very well!

phamzy said...

lol. a lazy day drives the belly crazy!


Rikki Lane said...

Yum! Peeps!
Happy Easter!

& Thanks for the blog comment :D

E said...

Great picks. Very grungy but elegant.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I'm a great fan of leggings, too! thanks for stopping by!

Joezehh said...

i disagree with 5. NOBODY needs to roll them up that much, surely?
but all the other ones... definitely :)
x x x x

Kira Fashion said...

I love leggings too! They are really cool! So fashion is all the ways :)

About eating, sometimes is great to break the rules and eat delicious food :)



HiFashion said...

Happy Easter to you too. Don't worry about eating too much...I've had more chocolates than I can count.

Leggings ara always really useful to have and do look good with a short skirt.

Oh, and it really made me smile when I got to your blog and I heard Dirty Preety Things. I love them.

italian fashion holiday. said...

ah, i think i gained about 10 pounds, also. that's a wonderful little collage. love your blog. p.s thanks for the comment!

Ellie said...

I am addicted to leggings.

Secretista said...

Leggings are good for lazy days but are not pants.