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tell me a lie.

i really hate sunday's. so, even though i should be studying, a broke out my sony circa 2003 camera and snapped some shots of my room.

i am quite the badass. my shoes had some white on them. black/brown shoes only @ catholic schools. the horror!

my mother surprised me with these yesterday, so cute!?

the things i actually like reading .. haha. nylons/barney's catalogue.


Gloria C. said...

Hmmm not the biggest fan of nylon but I love the flipflops xD

Triufelis said...

Cute flip-flops!

Blair said...

Ahaha Thanks Girl For You Comments I Can't Help But To Notice WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!
Love Nylon, PETE DOHERTY & The Libertines!!!
Also London!! You Live In London As Well ?
&& I LOVE Your Blog!!! ♥ - MB

TheFashionAddict said...

those flip flops are adorable

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Ooooh you badass ;) I have that exact Nylon issue on the top of my magazine pile!

Fashion Dreamer xx

Fashion Prescription said...

what lovely flip flops!!

tis serendipity said...

Woohoo I love those daisy by marc jacobs floppies!! XD They are so cute. I can't help oogling at the whole range of items (sunglasses/pencil cases/necklaces/purses) etc everytime I walk by in the department store. Gosh catholic school sounds really strict...