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sister disco.

nylon's 10 anniversary issue featured the always lovely peaches geldof, chatting about her secret love for nerds. (clark kent over superman anyone?) in her own words, "show me a muscle-bound male model, and i will turn my head towards a bespectacled, skinny, and socially awkward boy instead." oh, i just love the appeal of an underdog. the issue also featured lindsay lohan, who graced the cover, in some provocative poses and cute outfits. so that begs the question - do YOU find yourself agreeing with peaches, and loving the "nerds?"


Maverick said...

Hehe, yes, I do! I love Clark Kent and I absolutely adore Peter Parker :D

hehe, cute post!
xoxo, mavi

Alice X said...

nylon is SOOO...sexy.


thehappyhippyyy said...

thanks for the comment, i like your blog too!


KINHA said...

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Emz said...

Just started reading nylon =) I love nerds hehe (I personally think I am one..) Not a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan though hehe

modern antoinette said...

I love nerds!! I totally have to buy that magazine now!


Stevie said...

I read this while eating lunch today! I too have a thing for nerds and socially awkward boys. :)

Catherine Viriya said...

I love peaches! I guess this nylon mags is cute :)

aahschlee said...

just went into the new york office yesterday for an interview and read that article!

Dana said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting! I became your follower :)

Your blog is really cool too!

Vanessa said...

most definitely love the nerds!
love peaches too :)

disa said...