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Keep a Secret?

Who knew Lily Allen and LiLo would make such a cunning duo. Whatevs, because they have the most fabulous matching tattoos I have seen in awhile. On a girls night out two weeks ago, they both got matching "shhh" tattoos on their fingers. Who cares when they turn old and they look obscure after that ... I love! I wish there was some form of ink that wasn't permanent, so I can have this tattoo for a year or so. Your thoughts?

Me likey.


Nat said...

I think it's cool too, but they did it without knowing that Rihanna had done it before!

And by the way there's inks that last for a month or less I think. A friend of mine who went to India had her hands and part of her arms tattoed with that. I just don't recall the name of that type of ink.

Sorry for my english, it isn't my first language. =]

papercuts-and-cheatinglovers said...

Hmm.. I first saw it on Rihanna. So not original, but defo cute (:

black vanilla rose said...

Ahh i didn't know they have matching tats. How cool is that... i love too xxx

Anonymous said...