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down in albion.

As my obsession with Pete Doherty continues into its second year, I was surprised when I stumbled upon these handsome photos of him modeling for Roberto Cavalli's fall 2007/2008 line and Gio-Goi's 2006 menswear line in religion class today. I know it's rather old, but damn, he looks fantastic. Kind of looking like a young Marlon Brando for Cavalli. If you haven't checked out his new solo work yet, definitely worth a look. But for now, I'm just pulling for a Libertines reunion!


Which look do you prefer?


Blair said...

Ah I Love Pete Too Darling Also I Have An Obession As Well :) Love Both Looks On Him && Awesome Blog!! - MB

Anonymous said...

The Cavalli look is closer to the real Doherty...it's romantic, mysterious, and just a little ambiguous. I love it.